Marraige is tough as it is. Marrying at 20 with 2 babies..A whole other level..After 9 years and counting..Follow me on my journey of being a devoted and loving wife

As a dedicated mom of 2 beautiful girls and a handsome little boy, I do my absolute best to be the best mom I can. Sometimes I beat myself up when I lose my temper or simply feel too tired to laugh about the tiniest things, but I owe it to my kids to pick myself up and try again. Follow me on my pursuit of achieving my goals and making my dreams a reality all while juggling mom life

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I'm on a mission! A mission of self discovery, self acceptance, and self love. I havnt always had bushy, Curly Hair... Well actually I have. Iv just hidden it because I was trying to fit in with 'what society says beautiful hair is'. How wrong I was.

Ever run out of ideas on whats for dinner? Or even worse, what to pack the kids for lunch!? I do all the time. My kids and I absolutely enjoy trying out new, fun and super easy recipes

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